Terms of Use

LAST UPDATED May 29, 2016 JST.


Hiroshige and IDGR, collectively “Hiroshige/IDGR” own and retain all proprietary rights in this site (ideograffiti.com) and in information and materials (collectively, the “Materials” *1) provided through this site and official accounts on third-party services (collectively, the “Sites” *2).
The Materials are protected by Japanese and international copyright trademark and/or other proprietary rights and laws.

*1 the “Materials” include but not limited to the graphics, illustrations, artwork, images, audio and video, icons, logos, characters, data, text, software.
*2 the “Sites” refers to this website (ideograffiti.com) and all official accounts on third-party services that is linked from this website and/or IDGR is posting its works, including but not limited to social media like Twitter, imagery posting services like Pinterest, or other services like Patreon.


You are allowed to:
– Use the works by Hiroshige/IDGR as long as the use is PRIVATE (contents are not accessible to the public) and NON-COMMERCIAL (contents are not sold, rented or used for advertisements of other commercial activities).
– Use the works by Hiroshige/IDGR within the boundaries of the legit exceptions to copyright that allow limited use of copyright works without the permission of the copyright owner (such as non-commercial research and private study, criticism/review and reporting current events, teaching).
– Create and distribute derivative works (works that adapt the original work) WITH A CLEAR STATEMENT THAT IT IS A DERIVATIVE WORK BASED ON THE WORKS OF WHICH COPYRIGHTS ARE OWNED BY Hiroshige/IDGR, as long as the distribution is non-commercial and a significant modification/transformation is made to the original work.
– Use the works in ways and forms following Hiroshige/IDGR’s instructions concerning individual works.

You may not:
– Use the works by Hiroshige/IDGR in public occasions as icons, cover photos or backgrounds of your personal blogs and social media accounts, even if the use is non-commercial.
– Use the works by Hiroshige/IDGR for ANY COMMERCIAL USE (the use in which contents are sold, rented or used for advertisements of other commercial activities), regardless of the form of the reproduction (electronic/printed).
– Perform, transmit or display the work publicly (including but not limited to imagery sharing services like DevinatArt, video uploading services like YouTube, file sharing services like MediaFire).
– Use the work in any form with INCORRECT ATTRIBUTION of the authorship and ownership of the copyrights, regardless of the use being commercial or non-commercial.
– Violate the Japanese and international copyright trademark and/or other proprietary rights and laws in any other way concerning the materials produced and/or provided by Hiroshige/IDGR.

How to write a copyright notice

If you need to notice that Hiroshige/IDGR owns the copyrights, you need
(1) the symbol © (letter C in a circle) or the word “Copyright” (or the abbreviation “Copr”)
(2) the year of the first publication, which is provided in the portfolio in this website
(3) the name of the copyright owner(s), that is “Hiroshige/IDGR”
For example, the copyright notice of Arachne’s Umbrella looks like “Copyright 2016 Hiroshige/IDGR”.

Please add links to ideograffiti.com (or official accounts on third-party services, like Twitter) if possible.


– By using any of the Sites (this website and official accounts of Hiroshige/IDGR), you signify your agreement to these terms of use. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE with the terms of use, PLEASE DO NOT USE THE SITES.
– We may revise and update these terms at any time. Changes on the terms shall be effective when updated on this site unless otherwise mentioned. User’s continued usage of this service after any changes to the terms will mean the user accepts those changes.
– Feel free to post the links of the Sites to share our pages/posts.
– For any inquiery and permissons concerning the materials or the terms of use, contact Hiroshige/IDGR via e-mail (Contact Form here).

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